Everything WISPs Need To Know About Tarana’s ngFWA Technology

● Nov 4, 2022

Wireless internet service providers (WISPs) are always looking for new and improved ways to deliver reliable, high-speed service to their customers. The newest broadband technology from Tarana could be just what they're looking for. Here's everything you need to know about how it is solving the major challenges that previously plagued fixed wireless access and why WISPs are making the switch to ngFWA (next-generation fixed wireless access.)

What is Tarana’s ngFWA?

Next-generation fixed wireless access is an entirely new take on FWA, built from the ground up specifically for broadband. In a nutshell, ngFWA has:

  • Fiber-class (100 Mbps to 1 Gbps) per-household speeds and low latency at long range, with support for symmetric (100 Mbps down / 100 upstream) service where desired
  •  High capacity per neighborhood for economically scalable deployment
  •  Solid connections despite obstacles in the way (like other houses, trees, and vehicles moving on the streets) and interference from other wireless networks
  •  Consistent service quality throughout the neighborhood, to support clean subscription plan marketing, sales, and fulfillment
  •  High-quality service delivery in unlicensed spectrum to avoid the high cost of licensed spectrum
  •  Simple installation at the home, and ideally customer self-installation

Tarana has created the industry’s first instance of ngFWA, the Gigabit 1 (G1) platform.

How is Tarana Gigabit 1 (G1) different from existing Wireless technologies?

Existing wireless technology options have not shown the ability to scale broadly in fixed access. Mobile networks (4G/5G) require expensive licensed spectrum better used for higher-margin mobile services, limiting availability for fixed, and when actually used for fixed service have typically highly varied quality. Legacy fixed wireless access (FWA) networks based on re-purposed indoor wireless technology (Wi-Fi) struggle with interference from other networks and their inability to work around physical obstructions like other houses and trees that are common in residential neighborhoods. Finally, while new satellite broadband networks now being deployed are uniquely suited to reaching very remote areas and oceans, they will have nowhere near enough capacity to serve mainstream residential markets at scale, given their necessarily wide distribution around a globe that is 71% covered by water.

G1 is the product of over $300M invested over a decade of ground-up R&D focused exclusively on FWA. By marrying the continued march of silicon integration with new innovative signal processing techniques, G1 creates a completely new possibility for broadband.

G1 offers all the fast-deployment advantages of FWA but now with the performance, capacity, and interference-rejection required to deliver reliable fixed broadband connections for homes and businesses at large scale, in challenging non-line-of-sight conditions, and even in unlicensed spectrum, as (at last) a fully-formed wireless alternative to last-mile fiber for the long term. 

Why Are WISPs Making the Switch to Tarana's ngFWA G1?

As internet connectivity becomes more and more important in home and work environments, WISPs must adapt to meet the demand of their customers by providing fast, reliable service at affordable rates.

Tarana offers a solution for each of the problems with legacy wireless broadband technologies.

G1’s unprecedented performance tends to surprise and impress operators when they first work with the platform, and word is spreading quickly. Service providers in rapidly growing numbers have been embracing G1, now with over 200 customers either piloting or deploying ngFWA G1 networks. These customers span the globe, including operators that scale from hundreds to millions of current subscribers and featuring both incumbents as well as new entrants from outside the telecom segment. 

The world needs more and better broadband, but getting it to the home has long been challenging.

Tarana’s rapidly growing list of operators deploying G1 showcases ngFWA and foretells a future of high-performance broadband on timelines and at scales that were, until now, simply impossible.

We are especially proud of our collaboration with Tarana Wireless’ because we share a joint mission to solve the digital divide of connectivity issues.

As we know, digital access isn’t a matter of luxury but a household necessity for work, school, and more. We are committed to helping our WISP customers make wireless technology more reliable and affordable in their service areas. 

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