Axis Communications Launches New Video, Audio, and Analytics Solutions (2022 Product Release)

● Apr 19, 2022

Axis Communications announced several new product releases including video, audio, and analytics solutions designed to improve safety and security for cities, businesses, and other organizations. In this blog, you'll learn about all of the newest solutions to identify and track potential security threats.

At ISC West 2022, Axis Communications announced several new video, audio, and analytics solutions designed to improve safety and security for cities, businesses, and other organizations. These new solutions identify and track potential security threats, and provide real-time alerts to security personnel.

Body Cameras

The AXIS W101 Body Worn Camera can be worn by security personnel to capture video and audio of incidents. With a wide field of view, the camera can capture high-quality video and audio even in low-light conditions. The camera also features a new voice optimization mode that enhances the clarity of audio recordings.

Network Cameras


Offers a sweeping overview of indoor areas up to 400 m2 (4300 ft2). Featuring three 5 MP sensors and one PTZ camera with 10x optical zoom and HDTV 1080p, the camera delivers high-quality video and audio. The camera’s advanced analytics software can identify potential security threats and provide real-time alerts to security personnel.

AXIS M2036-LE and AXIS M2035-LE

Outdoor-ready bullet-style cameras. Available in Quad HD 1440p/ 4 MP and HDTV 1080p resolutions, respectively, the cameras offer a 129° horizontal field of view. Featuring deep learning processing units (DPLUs), the cameras enable unique opportunities for analytics based on deep learning on the edge. Additionally, with AXIS Object Analytics, they offer detection and classification of humans and vehicles.

AXIS M5074, AXIS M5075 and AXIS M5075-G

Palm-sized PTZ cameras ideal for smaller installations. Including PTZ functionality with 5x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, they deliver sweeping overviews and zoomed-in details. AXIS M5074 delivers sharp, detailed video in HDTV 720p/1MP, while AXIS M5075 and AXIS M5075-G deliver HDTV 1080p/2 MP resolution. 

AXIS P3267-LV/-LVE and AXIS P3268-LV/-LVE

Designed to blend seamlessly into any environment. These unobtrusive indoor and outdoor-ready fixed domes deliver excellent image quality with forensic details in 5 MP and 4K in up to 60 fps. Additionally, a new variant of AXIS P3265-LVE will be available offering 2 MP and a 22 mm tele lens – ideal for surveillance from a distance to generate accurate images needed for advanced analytics.

Improved Audio Solutions

The AXIS Audio Manager Pro has been updated to help increase functionality and support for larger systems. With this release, support for up to 5,000 speakers and 100 zones has been added. Additionally, the user interface has been redesigned with a web-based UI. It also features SIP server support with trunking to PBX systems, making it easier to integrate with existing business communications infrastructure.

Network Strobe Siren

The AXIS D4100-E Network Strobe Siren is a new feature-rich security siren that offers both visual and audible deterrents. The first of its kind, the siren is integrated with VAPIX, MQTT, or SIP, and features various light and sound patterns. The siren can be connected to any Axis device, third-party VMS, or the new AXIS Audio Manager Pro, helping to deter intruders and ensure on-site safety.

AXIS Camera Application Platform

The AXIS Barcode Reader is a new ACAP-based solution that makes it possible for Axis cameras and intercoms to function as QR Code readers in an access control system. This powerful edge-based analytics leverages the outstanding video quality of Axis devices for reliable, convenient touch-free entry. Not only is it simple to install, but it is also cost-effective to manage, making it ideal for both single- and multi-door scenarios.

To learn more about the new products and solutions, visit the Axis Communications website or contact one of our security pros to discuss how we can customize a solution for your needs.


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