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Find details about product updates and releases from your favorite Wireless ISP and Security suppliers, get tips about best practices for implementation and maintenance for your VMS and broadband networks and more!

Opportunistic Wireless Encryption: Everything You Need to Know to Secure Your Guest Wifi

Everything you need to know about opportunistic wireless encryption (OWE) for securing guest WiFi access. From FAQs and best practices to real-world applications and common misconceptions.

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Action Needed to Address New Vulnerability Affecting Select Bosch IP Cameras

Bosch has released a new security advisory alerting customers to a vulnerability that affects Bosch IP cameras. This blog summarizes the statement made by Bosch including the actions they recommend taking to neutralize the vulnerability and secure your camera systems.

Cellular Service: A Backup Network When Your Internet Fails

A network outage could cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Here’s why you should utilize cellular broadband connections as a backup instead.

Cellular Broadband Creates Instant WAN Connections to New Remote Offices [+ Wireless Routers]

The other day, we had a call from a long-time customer. They were having to “light up” a new remote office in less than two weeks. They called their service provider to order a cable-based WAN service for the office and it was going to take the service provider more than a month to get to the location and deliver the service.

Answers to your FAQ on Terragraph: Facebook’s New Wireless Solution

Everything you need to know about how Facebook’s new wireless network solution, Terragraph, is being implemented globally to bring internet connectivity to poorly connected areas.

The Boring Toolbox Releases Maintenance Mode for Milestone XProtect

Keep your VMS system updated without the hassle of getting bombarded by alerts with The Boring Lab’s newest release, Maintenance Mode.

5 Questions To Ask When Investing in a Video Management System (VMS)

Video management is the most important tool and can make or break the success of your video surveillance deployment. With new technology coming out everyday, understanding your options and aligning them with your needs is no easy task. As security experts with 15+ designing custom security solutions, here are the 5 most important questions you should ask yourself when selecting a video surveillance management platform.


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