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Arcules Unified Cloud Video Surveillance

Arcules is a VSaaS cloud-based platform that offers video surveillance and security solutions.

Arcules’ integrated cloud video security solutions offer maximum security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

What We Love

  • Integrates with Milestone XProtect for a seamless transition to cloud security
  • Continuous and reliable video recording, even during an internet outage
  • Centralized management in a single intuitive interface
    Remote access to any camera or device at any time

What You'll Love

  • Lower upfront costs because video management and processing are done in the cloud, eliminating the need for expensive servers and storage
  • Works with a wide variety of IP cameras and network gear for little to no upfront deployment costs
  • Installation and deployment that takes minutes, not hours
  • Automated upgrades and bug fixes minimize additional costs for dedicated IT staff and regular maintenance
  • Intelligent cloud and edge analytics offer heat maps, vehicle detection, and personnel counting

What's New

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