The Boring Lab

The Boring Lab

The Boring Toolbox makes it easy to manage your Milestone XProtect VMS

Milestone XProtect management client is a powerful VMS management interface but the Boring Toolbox makes it better with the power of bulk operations, a simple user interface and intuitive workflows.​

What We Love

  • Simple and actionable web dashboard
  • Live monitoring notifications
  • Powerful device group management
  • Easy-to-understand analytics dashboards
  • Simple, detailed, and quick reporting
  • Multi-site management

What You'll Love

  • Have confidence your video will always be there when you need it
  • Bulk operations that save time, money, and your sanity
  • Customizable notification settings to ensure every notification is meaningful
  • Manage multiple locations from one dashboard
  • Insights are easy to understand and easily accessible to you and relevant team members

What's New

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The Boring Browser-Based Dashboard Allows You To Monitor The Health of Your Milestone XProtect VMS From Anywhere And Share Insights With Anyone

The Boring Web Dashboard for XProtect VMS is the newest release from The Boring Lab. In this blog, you’ll learn about all of the newest features in this powerful web-based application.

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The Boring Toolbox Releases Maintenance Mode for Milestone XProtect

Keep your VMS system updated without the hassle of getting bombarded by alerts with The Boring Lab’s newest release, Maintenance Mode.

5 Questions To Ask When Investing in a Video Management System (VMS)

Video management is the most important tool and can make or break the success of your video surveillance deployment. With new technology coming out everyday, understanding your options and aligning them with your needs is no easy task. As security experts with 15+ designing custom security solutions, here are the 5 most important questions you should ask yourself when selecting a video surveillance management platform.