Case study •

Ciello worked with Continental Computers to bring comprehensive broadband to an under-served community.


Ciello turned to Continental Computers for vendor referrals, guidance on broadband technology, and expertise on optimizing the design for a network they could deploy based on their current infrastructure of fiber and poles.

Making the best of what you have

Leveraging existing infrastructure to fit Ciello’s needs

Became a leader of broadband service in the area

Implemented solutions for better service to other broadband providers

Expertise and guidance

Multiple vendor referrals and design advice to maximize connectivity

“Working with Tee at Continental Computers has been a phenomenal experience. His vendor knowledge, planning skills, and experience with challenging deployments were something we had never experienced before. The team at Continental Computers created a true partnership between themselves, the vendors, and the team at Ciello.”




Ciello is a subsidiary of San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative (REC). Their mission is to use their existing power infrastructure to bring a comprehensive broadband offering to the underserved San Luis Valley of Colorado. Moving forward, they are also building out areas the power company does not currently serve.



Electrical Co-op and Wireless Internet Service Provider



San Luis Valley of Colorado



Reliable fiber optic broadband internet service connections at cutting edge speeds

The Challenge

Extend and leverage the physical infrastructure already in place to deliver broadband services to customers as a superior alternative to existing providers in the area.


REC had already run fiber to most of the substations across the 8,000 square mile San Luis Valley floor and already had 90 ft poles deployed in their substations. They needed to be able to maximize the potential of this existing infrastructure.

Bring more comprehensive broadband service to their customers

Complete their connectivity layout with expert solutions


After Contientnail Computers ran several design scenarios and evaluations with Ciello, Ciello chose RADWIN’s JET Point-to-Multipoint Beam-forming solutions because they out-performed the competition.

Expert Vendors

After bringing together the resources of RADWIN, Continental Computers, and Ciello, the company is now delivering affordable, reliable service to customers throughout the Valley—from residential phone services to commercial Internet services. Internet customers are getting faster, fiber-like service, symmetrical upload, and download speeds.

Unmatched Speed & Connectivity

Ciello can use their connectivity without any caps on data usage. Many of their customers who were using expensive satellite service and other older technologies can now get fast, reliable service in a matter of days. They can choose from 25, 50, or even 100 Mbps service when line-of-sight conditions are optimal.

Ongoing Customer Service

Expert guidance on products, network design, and broadband technology paired with unmatched customer service.

The Results

Better than the Rest

Broadband speed that outperforms the competition

No Cap on Data Usage

Reliable, fast service that’s limitless

Increased Value

More customer satisfaction and service capabilities


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