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City of Hawthorne, California

Case study •

The City of Hawthorne, California brings comprehensive wireless service and updated video camera systems to their community.


The Hawthorne team initially came to Continental Computers for guidance in finding an alternative to their current video management system (VMS). In our 7+ years working together, we have helped The City of Hawthorne find trustworthy vendors for camera hardware, deploy wireless servers throughout the city, and design a wireless network to support the city’s camera systems.

Designed Solution For a Campus-Wide Camera System

Customized for their specific needs

Designed Custom Wireless Network

With city-wide reach and connectivity using point-to-point

7+ Year ongoing customer relationship

Serving as an ongoing resource for HPD to lean on knowledge, guidance, strategy and implementation

“Continental Computers is a outstanding technical partner in just about every facet we need. they have the expertise to guide us thought the process from project idea, scoping, spec’ing all the way though implementation and ongoing support.”

Josh Armstrong

Information Technology Services Director

City of Hawthorne


Hawthorne Police Department, located in the heart of Los Angeles County, works to provide a safe and secure community for its citizens. With nearly 100 officers and 60 support staff, the department serves an ever-growing community of over 95,000 citizens.



Public sector



City of Hawthorne, California Los Angeles metropolitan area



Local Government Entity

The Challenge

Improve the connectivity and security of the department and community.


Josh Armstrong, City of Hawthorne’s Information Technology Services Director, turned to Continental for technical support and expertise in implementing: servers, camera hardware, and other networking solutions.

Provide insight into an alternative video management system, due to consistent technical issues and unreliability with their previous VMS product.

Design a solution that offers a reliable wireless solution to connect their building to a local airport and other buildings throughout the city.


With our longstanding relationships with the City of Hawthorne, Continental Computers was able to expertly integrate custom solutions to all of the department’s issues.

Video Management System Update

We helped HPD identify the best performing VMS solution to fit the department’s needs, Milestone XProtect, and made the transition swift, cost-effective, and stress-free.

Wireless Network

Due to their wireless needs, we worked with HPD to introduce new technologies, such as millimeter wave point-to-point wireless broadband solutions from Siklu. This gave the department one-gigabit connectivity over the air (fiber-like connectivity), connecting critical assets in days, not weeks.


Additionally, Continental Computers worked to provide HPD with technical insight into which servers the department needed to deploy, which camera options were best for various locations, and the implementation of a custom wireless network in a local airport.

The Results

Improved Connectivity to 1GB

Giving them faster, more reliable wireless

Easier, Faster Access to Critical Assets

Improved connectivity meant they could access critical assets in days instead of weeks.

Improved Safety & Security of Citizens

Streamlined the installation of city-facility camera systems and servers


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