LA Kings Case Study

Los Angeles Kings

Case study •

The Toyota Sports Complex worked with Continental Computers to review the necessary requirements for protecting the facility and identify deficiencies in the current surveillance system.


The Toyota Sports Complex turned to Continental to receive guidance on cameras, moving the surveillance system to Milestone Corporate and training all security staff to effectively use and manage the new VMS.

Implementation and Training

For all security staff and personnel

Finding the pain points

Identifying areas of improvement to maximize VMS solutions

Overall increase in safety and security

For team members, staff, and civilians

“We have a system in place that our people have been trained on, we know that it’s very stable and, equally important to all of that, we know that there is service after the sale. Continental has become our one-stop shop for credentialing, access control,

Jeff Hink

Senior Director of Security

Toyota Sports Complex


The Toyota Sports Center not only is the official training center for the Los Angeles Kings and its farm team, the Ontario Reigns, but it hosts the administrative staff of both teams — as well as dozens of hockey teams, ice skaters, and more. The center is open to the public 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, and its security team has an enormous task of monitoring this large facility to keep it, players, staff, and the over 2 million annual visitors safe and out of harm’s way.






Los Angeles, California



Training center for Los Angeles Kings hockey team, Ontario Reigns, local sports teams, staff, and civilians.

The Challenge

Update the current VMS system to fit the needs of Toyota Sports Complex, identify pain points, and make sure all staff is trained properly to manage the security of the complex.


  • Working with a previous integrator, TSC chose to use Milestone Systems as their video management software and had selected cameras to provide constant monitoring throughout the facility. However, that integrator failed to deliver on several key project areas.
  • Continental stepped in to review the client’s requirements and identify current system deficiencies
  • We quickly realized that the existing camera choice and server infrastructure were not adequate to meet the client’s requirements.


After upgrading the Milestone system to one that could appropriately accommodate for all the needs of TSC, Continental thoroughly trained the entire TSC security staff to use and manage Milestone.

New Camera Hardware

Continental recommended installing new AXIS cameras to solve existing issues in the complex’s security.

Moving to Milestone Corporate

We implemented a new VMS software, Milestone Corporate, to solve the current system’s inadequacies due to the first system’s poor integration.

Faculty Training

Continental Computers made sure to bring all staff at Toyota Sports Complex up to speed on Milestone, as well as how to confidently managed and add cameras and access control as needed.

The Results

Team Confidence in managing their VMS

Now TSC’s security team—from line-level staff to senior administrators—can easily use the Milestone system and rely on it to get a thorough, accurate picture of what happened. TSC’s staff feels secure in the knowledge that if there is an incident, they can use Milestone to go back to the incident to review the minutes or hours surrounding the event.

Improved analytics & reporting

Continental TotalCare provides TSC with end-to-end network support—from Milestone to specialized analytic plug-ins to cameras to recorders, storage, servers, and more, for both pre-and post-deployment services.

New and improved security system

Optimized their security system to their needs by installing all-new AXIS cameras and Milestone VMS software.


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