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Sweet Flower – Los Angeles Cannabis Dispensary

Case study •

Sweet Flower worked with Continental Computers to implement a surveillance system that would meet the State of California and Los Angeles County’s regulatory requirements for cannabis dispensary shops.


Sweet Flower turned to Continental Computers for vendor referrals and guidance on a surveillance system that would be able to manage and obtain the volumes of data and storage to meet their security requirements.

Designed a custom surveillance solution

to fit security and regulatory needs

Tailored for 24/7 security

that fit Sweet Flower’s budget

Implemented Milestone Systems

to manage massive amounts of data

“The regulatory requirements were the easy part. They are clear and concise. It’s the implementation that was going to be a challenge. That’s when I turned to Ronen and Continental. I had worked with Ronen previously and knew he could help us address thes

Terrie Gilles

Chief Operating Officer

Sweet Flower


Sweet Flower is California’s leading cannabis retailer.  Sweet Flower is one of the longest-serving legal dispensaries in Los Angeles, originating as a medical collective in 2006, and working, legally at all times, to serve the needs of patients in our community.



Cannabis Retail



Los Angeles County, California



Working to serve the need of medical and recreational cannabis users throughout California


The Challenge

Implement a camera system that would meet California’s requirements for surveillance and software that could obtain and manage large volumes of data and storage.


  • Even though local regulations around the layout of cannabis shops have changed, California’s requirements for surveillance and access for cannabis retailers have not. The State of California requires IP-based cameras with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 (720p) pixels and no less than 15 frames per second. 
  •  Cameras must be placed at all entrances and exits, and record from both indoor and outdoor vantage points, 24 hours a day, with no interruptions regardless of lighting or conditions. These camera configurations will typically generate approximately 13 GB of data per day, 7 days a week. Video footage must be kept for a minimum of 90 days.
  • So, while delivering an open, inviting retail space, Sweet Flower was faced with the challenge of obtaining and managing the volumes of data and storage this requisite camera system would need.


With preexisting relationships with vendors AXIS cameras and Milestone Systems, Continental Computers was able to provide Sweet Flower with affordable yet effective solutions to all their security issues.

Camera Hardware

Continental checked out AXIS cameras because they delivered crisp imagery, secure management, and tight integration with Milestone XProtect. Each camera was individually set up, ensuring storage optimization while still keeping an eye on compliance. Camera placement had to be planned perfectly so that every angle of the store was covered, but with minimal overlap. Each individual camera was fine-tuned so that they were delivering just the requisite pixel density.


For video management, EICO implemented Milestone XProtect Express+. Milestone is a robust, reliable platform and the use of the Express+ helps meet regulatory compliance while minimizing video management costs. Known for its usability and stability, the Milestone Express+ VMS is a great scalable solution for small to medium retail operations. Granular access restrictions allow for multi-level access privileges and guarantee the security of personal, sensitive video footage. Milestone VMS allows for easy expansion as customer requirements and applications grow.


AXIS Zipstream technology also played a huge role, since it allowed for a reduced bitstream during low movement (like nighttime) which reduced the overall storage. By reducing the storage, Sweet Flower was able to reduce both the size and cost of the server by about 40%. As an added bonus, there was a reduction in the amount of storage space—a valuable commodity in the retail industry—and as AXIS cameras can be easily painted, they become less obtrusive in an open retail environment.

The Results

Scalable Solutions

Two Sweet Flower stores now have security and surveillance systems installed in them.

Meeting the Requirements

Sweet Flower is able to meet regulatory compliance and deliver a safe, open, approachable environment for their cannabis-curious customers to shop in.

Stress-Free Surveillance

They have peace of mind that their access and surveillance systems are hassle-free.


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