Cellular Broadband Creates Instant WAN Connections to New Remote Offices [+ Wireless Routers]

● Jul 30, 2021

The other day, we had a call from a long-time customer. They were having to “light up” a new remote office in less than two weeks. They called their service provider to order a cable-based WAN service for the office and it was going to take the service provider more than a month to get to the location and deliver the service.

Immediate Wireless Connectivity With Cellular Broadband

We suggested that they try Cradlepoint’s wireless router and leverage the LTE network that was immediately available from their service provider [and they managed to get up in a couple of hours]. Wireless routers are an excellent solution for immediate light-ups, “pop-up” locations, and mobile environments.

Why You Should Ditch the Consumer-Grade Modem and LEverage An LTE Network For Your Business

Traditional consumer-grade modems don’t provide the speed, centralized management, or security needed for today’s business environments. 

Cradlepoint solutions are more simple and offer you more flexibility.

  • Easy to use plug-and-go configuration
    • Supports LTE Advanced, with SIM-based auto-carrier selection (LP6 versions only). The cloud-based management system allows for zero-touch configuration at the deployment site
  • A flexible wireless environment
    • All Cradlepoint Advanced Edge Routers  (AERs) come equipped with dual-band concurrent 802.11ac high-performance WiFi. This provides instant, secure WiFi connectivity for any device that needs to attach to the network. Using WiFi-enables end-user devices such as PCs, printers, telephones, televisions, and other equipment to be set up, moved, or changed.

Cellular broadband service is an excellent way to provide instant and flexible connectivity anywhere, anytime. 

Our wireless experts at Continental Computers are here to help you with your most challenging network needs. 

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