Cellular Service: A Backup Network When Your Internet Fails

● Aug 10, 2021

A network outage could cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Here’s why you should utilize cellular broadband connections as a backup instead.

Today’s businesses depend on intertwined applications that rely on internet access to operate. A single minute of service provider network downtime could cost small businesses thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Larger organizations could potentially lose millions of dollars in both revenue and productivity. Because of this, network reliability has become one of the biggest concerns for business owners or unit managers. 

Using Cellular Service As a Backup Plan For Wireless Network Outages

Cellular broadband can be used as a backup alternative internet solution when your traditional internet network fails. 

Wireless routers are an easy-to-deploy, inexpensive way to leverage your cellular service as a network failover for your traditional broadband internet connection (DSL, cable, fiber).

Continental Computers customers are now using CradlePoint wireless routers with WAN DIVERSITY™ to automatically switch over to a wireless 4G LTE broadband connection when their traditional land-line network connection fails. 

Any systems connected to the Cradlepoint device will continue to operate at broadband speeds, ensuring your business keeps running even when a network outage strikes.

How Do Broadband Wireless Networks Work?

As a cloud-managed solution, Cradlepoint balances the strengths of wired and wireless networks by converging 4G LTE, Ethernet (DSL, Cable, T1, MetroE), and WiFi as WAN, through a single networking device. Using a built-in SIM card, Cradelpoint routers connect to an LTE advanced network to deliver broadband services to any environment.

Cradlepoints dual modem technology gives you the ability to:

  • Deploy multiple wireless backup connections to achieve 99.999% uptime.
  • Load balance between wired and wireless networks for peak users and application demands.

If you’re concerned about delivering 100% application and network uptime to your customers, contact Continental Computers today for more information on CradlePoint’s wireless WAN routers.


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