The Boring Browser-Based Dashboard Allows You To Monitor The Health of Your Milestone XProtect VMS From Anywhere And Share Insights With Anyone

● Apr 19, 2022

The Boring Web Dashboard for XProtect VMS is the newest release from The Boring Lab. In this blog, you'll learn about all of the newest features in this powerful web-based application.

The Boring Web Dashboard for XProtect VMS is the newest release from The Boring Lab. This powerful web-based application complements the existing Toolbox product by giving you more insights into the health status of your video cameras and recording servers. With The Boring Dashboard, you can easily monitor and share the health status of all your XProtect VMS devices in one place – from any web browser. Features you know and love, like the Live Monitoring Summary and Recording Server Health, are here to stay but five new features have been added to make The Boring Dashboard as intuitive as possible.

New notable features include:

Recent Events

This new feature appears on the right side of the dashboard interface. It gives you a timeline of the most important events that have occurred in your system while you were away, keeping tabs on what’s going on with your security camera network, and allowing you to quickly identify and react to any potential issues.

Critical Cameras

This feature has been designed to give you more visibility into the health status of your cameras and to make it easier to identify and resolve any issues that may arise. Found on the left side of the dashboard, this tool provides you with a list of all cameras that are currently in a critical state, as well as the reason for their criticality.

Flapping Cameras

This new module allows you to set your own filters on what defines a flapping camera, making it easier to pinpoint any cameras that may not be providing video.  The Flapping Camera signal gives you insight into potential problems within your system, helping to notify you when cameras continuously fluctuate. 

SD- Card Alerts

The SD-Card Alerts feature has been designed to give you visibility into the health and storage status of your SD cards. By providing you with information on the capacity and health of your SD cards, you can be sure that your cameras will continue to record even if there is an issue with the network connection.

Cameras Without Saved Video

This functionality was created to provide more visibility into which cameras in your system may not be recording any video to the disk. Although some cameras may not be recording by design, this feature allows you to have even more insight into what is happening in your system so you know exactly when and how to take action when things go awry.

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