6GHz Fixed Wireless: How Tarana G1 Solves Congestion for Rural WISPs

The future of wireless broadband is looking bright, thanks to companies like Tarana. With a surge in funding for high-speed internet, competition is fierce. Tarana steps in with a solution: The G1 6GHz platform.

With innovative features like self-interference cancellation, G1 unlocking the potential of the new 6GHz band by allowing WISPs to connect many more subscribers per tower without sacrificing performance.

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FCC Approves Standard Power Access Points for Unlicensed 6GHz Access: What This Means for Fixed Wireless

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In this blog post, we discuss the FCC’s recent conditional approval of standard power access points and incumbent point-to-point microwave systems to share spectrum in the 5GHz band, and what it means for network operators. We explain how automated frequency coordination (AFC) will be integrated into a SAS platform to ensure connected devices utilize frequency channels that provide maximum performance, and how this will help providers deliver faster, more reliable internet speeds to their customers. We also provide details on how operators can get started with standard power access points and experimental licenses, as well as what’s next for the 6GHz band, including the upcoming opening of the UNII-5 and UNII-7 bands for outdoor wireless broadband applications.

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