6GHz Fixed Wireless: How Tarana G1 Solves Congestion for Rural WISPs

● May 1, 2024

The future of wireless broadband is looking bright, thanks to companies like Tarana. With a surge in funding for high-speed internet, competition is fierce. Tarana steps in with a solution: The G1 6GHz platform. With innovative features like self-interference cancellation, G1 unlocking the potential of the new 6GHz band by allowing WISPs to connect many more subscribers per tower without sacrificing performance.

The landscape of high-speed broadband in the US is evolving rapidly, propelled by substantial investments from both public and private sectors. Amid this shift, one company stands ready to meet the demands of the future - Tarana Wireless.

Tarana's mission revolves around addressing challenges posed by the surge in funding. It's a double-edged sword - a promising opportunity for growth yet a formidable challenge as competitors vie for the same subscribers and financial resources. The key, according to Tarana, is delivering high-speed, consistent, and low-latency broadband to address rising consumer demand.

The 6GHz Band: Untapped Potential

The newly available 6GHz band represents a significant opportunity for WISPs. With 850 MHz of spectrum newly available for unlicensed outdoor use, WISPs can deliver gigabit broadband speeds in relatively interference-free environments. However, the benefits depend on managing this resource effectively. Availability of 160 MHz of spectrum per connection, determined by the Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) system, is crucial.

However, the 6GHz band is expected to experience rapid evolution, with the influx of network deployments leading to inevitable interference and congestion. Anticipating these eventualities and choosing a technology that maximizes channel availability and minimizes interference is essential.

Reality of the Digital Divide

In a study carried out in conjunction with Tarana and Comsearch and using data from the FCC and the US Census Bureau, Tarana found that 160 MHz channel availability in the 6GHz spectrum is scarce. Only 30% of locations in rural America, where the digital divide is widest, have enough 160 MHz channels to support up to 2 operators in the same market. 48% of suburban and 42% of urban locations face the same issue.

Tarana's Solution: G1 6GHz BN

Tarana's new 6GHz G1 base nodes (BNs) and remote nodes (RNs) provide a durable fixed wireless solution. G1 supports x2 mode operation, enabling use of 4 independent and discontiguous 40 MHz carriers, offering unprecedented flexibility in spectrum usage.

This translates to a substantial improvement in aggregate 160 MHz channel availability, with 76% of rural, 89% of suburban, and 96% of urban locations capable of supporting 2 or more operators in the same market.

Tarana G1 radios for 6GHz

Tarana's 6GHz G1 platform leverages unique design features such as near-perfect self-interference cancellation, asynchronous burst interference cancellation (ABIC), universal spectrum reuse, and unrivaled performance in non-line-of-sight conditions to sustain high performance.

G1 is the only durable approach to securing and growing your fixed wireless customer base. FCC-certified Tarana G1 radios for 6GHz are immediately available for commercial deployment.

G1 6GHz Outdoor Base Node (BN) with Integrated Antenna

Part # 35-0171-001

5.725-5.850GHz / 5.925-6.425GHz / 6.525-6.875GHz, FCC

Manufacture: Tarana Wireless

G1 6GHz Residential Node (RN) with Integrated Antenna

Part # 35-0175-001

5.725-5.850GHz / 5.925-6.425GHz / 6.525-6.875GHz, FCC

Manufacture: Tarana Wireless

What are WISPs saying about G1?

"This is the first wireless broadband capable of 100+ Mbps speeds.

Tarana’s technology is truly opening doors that were previously closed and changing the lives of the Navajo people.”


"This is absolutely game changing for closing the digital divide and goes to show the power of unlicensed fixed wireless!

This can be deployed "overnight" and requires no pole attachment, no make ready, no boring, no permits and is "hundreds" of dollars per passing instead of "thousands" of dollars per passing! Don't sleep on fixed wireless access!"


"10x the number of subscribers per tower without performance degradation."

"unWired reports significantly improved spectral efficiency with G1, sharing that they can connect 10x the number of subscribers per tower without performance degradation. Legacy technology required dozens of access points per tower and narrow-beam horn antennas — devices used for quieting noisy radio environments — yet unWired still often struggled with crowded spectrum. G1’s unprecedented interference cancellation allows them to fully optimize both licensed and unlicensed bands to serve more subscribers more reliably."

Tarana is not just launching a new product but also paving the way for a future of seamless, high-speed broadband connectivity. The company's innovative ngFWA technology is the key to unlocking the potential of the newly available 6GHz band and delivering better broadband more efficiently in every market.

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