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Teller Wifi, Colorado Springs

We had heavy storms and heavy hail yesterday, the replace your roof and cars kind of hail. It was so thick it ended up like 3” of snow/ice over the whole county with some nickel size hail in the mix.

I came in from installs early to keep an eye on the network. I have a 4 mile AF11FX link off Pisgah and also my SIAE link going 12 miles. In the heart of the storm the AF11 link totally dropped, not even a chance at holding 1x at max power. The SIAE under the worst of the conditions dropped to 10x modulation. I was waiting for it to drop down to 4 or 6 with how heavy that hail was, but literally held half at 10x and half in and out of 10/12x.

Absolutely astounding performance. I think my 5ghz links took more of a hit than the 11ghz SIAE gear. Was a great call to put those in, getting nothing but positive feedback from my customers and solid network performance.”

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Monroe Johnson, CTO


“Our area has been really under-served—homes, businesses, educational institutions—and we were looking at how we could connect these folks and make day to day life easier for them. We have been facing some economic challenges in our valley and we believe that fast, reliable broadband service will help our businesses compete and make our area an attractive place to both live and work.

Working with Tee at Continental Computers has been a phenomenal experience. His vendor knowledge, planning skills, and experience with challenging deployments was something we had never experienced before. The team at Continental Computers created a true partnership between themselves, the vendors, and the team at Ciello.”


Jeff Hink, Senior Director of Security

Los Angeles Kings and Toyota Sports Center,

“I felt like we were in a really bad place with really good equipment. We started to see issues arise with the integrator the moment we began building out of the security system and implementing Milestone. We were not being provided the service and support we needed to launch this completely new system. Milestone was not deployed correctly, the access card system was not completed, and none of the TSC team received training on the new video management system.

After moving to Continental, we received more benefits than we ever expected from the installation and implementation process. We put a system in place that our people have been trained on, we know that it’s very stable and, equally important to all of that, we know that there is service after the sale. Continental has become our one-stop shop for credentialing, access control, and camera systems.”


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