The Boring Toolbox Releases Maintenance Mode for Milestone XProtect

● Jul 12, 2021

Keep your VMS system updated without the hassle of getting bombarded by alerts with The Boring Lab's newest release, Maintenance Mode.

Are you tired of delaying system updates to your VMS system because you’re avoiding the overload of health alerts sent to your inbox? If so, The Boring Lab is changing that with their newest release: Maintenance Mode for Milestone XProtect.

With this new feature within The Boring Toolbox, easing your mind and living stress-free is easy. For example, Maintenance Mode alleviates email fatigue by allowing VMS admins to mute all system health notifications for selected cameras and recording servers during a specific time period.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can enable Maintenance Mode in Milestone XProtect today.

What if there was a way to avoid email notifications for health alerts?

Time spent monitoring camera data, inputting notifications, and responding to requests from clients could be better spent on high-value work or client-related tasks. Therefore, the features found within The Boring Toolbox, including Maintenance Mode, cut out the tedious, boring work so you can focus on more important tasks.

Thanks to this brilliant new tool, the next time Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday comes around, you won’t need to brace for the impact of endless email updates flooding your team’s inbox.

Maintenance Mode offers a better way to fix vulnerabilities and improve cybersecurity without chronic email fatigue.

Maintenance Mode for Milestone XProtect

The Boring Lab is building more tools that reign true to their mission to help Milestone admins save time. This time, their team has provided a solution to yet another boring problem with this new release.

The tool in Milestone XProtect allows admins to mute all notifications for a selection of cameras or recording servers. You can remove those devices from the live monitoring dashboard, thereby eliminating any unwanted alerts. You can automatically mute a large number of noisy and unwanted alerts. Thus, allowing a VMS administrator to focus on what really matters.

Milestone Admins can now find more value in the information shown on their Live Monitoring Dashboard. No more worrying about “false alerts” or “false positives” diluting the information they’re viewing routinely.

How to Enable Maintenance Mode Settings for Milestone XProtect

If you’ve already installed the Boring Toolbox, you can configure Maintenance Mode in two different ways: Manually or by Scheduling.

Manually Enable

  • Select one or many cameras or recording servers and enable Maintenance Mode.  It’s that easy.


  • Create a schedule with a simple wizard which allows you to set a start and end time

You can schedule recurring maintenance modes for entire servers up to twice a week; and for up to one full calendar day at a time. If you need more time, enable Maintenance Mode manually on individual devices or entire recording servers.

Can you schedule MM for XProtext without The Boring Toolbox?

The Boring Lab offers Maintenance Mode for Milestone XProtect as an exclusive feature within their Boring Toolbox. The new feature requires a license key.

This tool is the first in a series of upcoming releases for Boring. The series will revolutionize the way Milestone Admins receive system health alerts for their VMS. It’s pretty revolutionary. 

Interested in learning more about The Boring Toolbox or getting access to a free trial so you can try it out yourself?

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